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About us

The Gilgamesh Ahliya University consists of multiple faculties forming a distinctive teaching and research community, enabling all students to benefit and participate in academic activities.

 The University encourages students to expand their intellectual capabilities by identifying problems and working on solutions in the different majors for each school. The University aims at graduating outstanding students engaged with skills for life-long learning, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and excellent communication. From a practical standpoint, the university allows students to compete vigorously and succeed in a competitive labor market.
The university has many outstanding faculty members who contribute through their research to solve to complicated problems, develop new ideas and employ the most advanced teaching methods and techniques. Through these professionals, the university delivers a complete package of services to support the students, and offers an ideal learning environment that complies with all the institutional quality assurance standards.


The University Vision

Our Vision

A national university committed to distinction in knowledge dissemination, serving the Iraqi people and society by promoting higher learning, developed locally, regionally and globally.

The University Mission

Our Mission

To offer academic programs of the highest quality in different branches of knowledge, and support research achieving the growth goals of the university, by serving Iraqi society, building knowledge and providing an environment that is supportive of individual learning

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